Achieve PT is here to help

  • Anyone who casually works out
  • Any sportsmen/women
  • Anyone who suffer stress or tension e.g. neck, back, shoulder pain/aches, sprains or strains.

A touch is the most effective form of healing.

With Achieve PT a “hands –on” touch will refresh, regenerate, revitalise and allow you to experience physical as well as psychological changes and benefits that will restore balance to the body as a whole.

With focus on sports massage, Achieve PT helps as part of an overall sporting regime in order to reduce the risk of injury, improve flexibility and encourage relaxation.

Or, simply get help with Achieve PT to relieve your general day to day stress and tension.

Achieve PT helps through massage therapy and a variety of classic massage strokes together with specific deep tissue techniques, working on the body's soft tissues, muscles, tendons and fascia.